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Haarkristal BB2-06 - Amethyst

Haarkristal BB2-06 - Amethyst

Beskrivelse The ‘Haircrystal’s’ from JwelU are beautiful hair accessory, made with crystals from Swarovski®. These hair accessory’s can be easily attached into your hair with the patented system from JwelU. Unlike other methods, the Haircrystal’s are not glued, waxed or burned. Instead the Haircrystal’s are drawn into the hair, which also makes them easier to remove. The crystals can decorate your hair beautifully in the blink of an eye, and you can always use them again! The Crystals can create a different hairstyle for you everyday! You can use them anytime, anyday. Party’s, Wedding’s and even in your everyday look.

Crystal section of 4,5mm
Suitable for any hairtype including short hair.

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Out of stockHaarkristal BB2-06 - Amethyst
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